NSRI – Web Development

A couple of years ago, I built the South African National Sea Rescue Institute website as a freelance project for an agency down in Stellenbosch, South Africa. The agency provided me with the UI designs and I built a custom WordPress theme to their specifications. It was a fun little project that mostly consists of blog posts, but it also offers an interactive, filterable map of all of the NSRI bases countrywide.

Well Balanced – Logo Design

“Well Balanced” is the name of a company offering reflexology, nutrition and balance services in Cape Town, South Africa. I liked the idea of playing around with script fonts and watercolour for this project because the industry demands an atmosphere of nurturing and caring. The little foot icon ties in the reflexology with imagery and the background and foreground of this particular logo can be separated to create many different options for future branding needs.

Hug Insurance – Web Development

Hug Insurance operates in Australia and offers Australia’s first single policy insurance solution. I built the front-end for the web application that allows users to choose what they want to insure and to get a quote. It is built as a Single Page Application (SPA) powered by Mithril.JS

Telkom VS Gaming – Web Development

VS Gaming is South Africa’s largest independent gaming brand and the leading platform for online gaming in Africa as well as one of the fastest growing digital networks in Africa. The website currently hosts a blog and a shop and I was part of the team that built the front-end for the website.

cadbury.co.za – Web Development

Cadbury needs no introduction as a brand. I was part of the team that built the site for South African shores. The website boasts a directory of products as well as delicious recipes for you to try and it was all built with a clean, component-driven approach to maximise reusability of features on future pages.


Just a quick, fun piece I did while inspired one day. I really like the use of basic geometric shapes and how they interplay with the intricate details of photo work and it’s definitely a style I’d like to explore more of in the future.

Primal Green

Back when I worked full-time as a visual designer I often got tasked with creating logo and corporate identity bundles. This was such a project. The client was very specific about the imagery that they wanted for their logo and I’m pretty proud of how it turned out, maybe sans the gear teeth they insisted on!

Meraki Preserves – Logo & Package Design

Meraki Preserves is a small husband-wife business endeavour that grow and bottle their own piquante peppers. A lot of love goes into their homemade product and I think I managed to capture that in the logo and packaging that I designed for them.


Quest is a gym in Bloemfontein, in the Free State province of South Africa. At the very peak of the retro and hipster design they wanted a retro-inspired logo for their gym. Currently the gym is going strong with the logo proudly plastered on the premises and promotional content.

Shitanga Lounge

When I redesigned the Shitanga Lounge website, I opted for high contrast and bold colours with eye-catching African elements that accentuated key areas in the design. Unfortunately the design ended up being unused.


Digitribe wanted a fresh, yet serious logo for their consultancy startup. I used a modern line-art icon to represent the tribe aspect of the company’s name and subconsciously the “up arrow” shape of the tent was used to indicate upward focus and success.


Proma was meant to be an interesting mix of social network & property website. The icon I came up with meets both of those requirements but the website sadly never came into fruition.


This was a real fun illustration piece I made when I launched my Think/Create blog website. I wanted to try out the newest free font at the time and so I played around with vibrant colours and patterns inspired in part by the pop art movement to glue it all together.

Diep in die Berg

Diep in die Berg is a beautiful wedding venue nestled in the mountains of Pretoria, South Africa. Their website design was created to reflect a tasteful wedding venue. It has a dark colour scheme with accents of gold to portray elegance.

Villa Mou

Imagine a luxury villa on an idyllic island off the coast of Greece. That’s exactly what Villa Mou is. The design challenge was to create a website that could encapsulate the beauty of the villa and what better way to do that than to centre the design around the breathtaking imagery of the villa itself? The design overall was tied together well by making use of on-scroll animations.

Hyperloop One

While not originally assigned to the project as it was built in Drupal and I specialize in WordPress development, I assisted with last-minute styling on the Hyperloop One website before it went live. In addition to that I also animated the graph on the homepage.

Mercedes-Benz Zero Cost

The Mercedes-Benz Zero Cost website was a challenge unlike any I had faced before. While the website development in general was fairly straightforward, I had to provide a lot of support for older browsers including IE8 and screen resolutions as low as 800×600.

Beholder Films

The Beholder Films website is a minimalistic single page scrolling website. On this project I had complete creative freedom so I designed it from scratch and also built it as a custom theme in WordPress.