Stop shaving the yak!

The other day, I received a T-shirt from a local tech recruitment company. On the front, there is an illustration of a yak with some text that reads: “Don’t shave the yak”. You can download the design here as a wallpaper. I’d never heard of the term before, so it confused me quite a bit! Luckily, the company included a little card that explained what it meant, and, as it turns out, it’s really relevant to me!

A woman writing content in a diary

Content precedes design

If you’re a designer, you’ve likely been asked to design something without content before. It’s among the harder challenges I’ve faced during my time as a designer. Of course, to aid with this predicament, we have Lorem ipsum, the placeholder text commonly used to demonstrate the visual form of a document or a typeface without relying on meaningful content. How do you feel about using Lorem ipsum in your designs? Do you think it does more good or harm?


Do you need a degree to be a web developer?

It’s a question I see on social media and coding forums all too often. With so many options available, it’s understandable that prospective web developers might be confused. Universities, colleges, boot camps, online courses, self-learning? What option should you pick? Do you really need a degree to be a web developer?

Garbage on the riverside

Garbage in, garbage out: Negative input is affecting you negatively

A couple of months ago I came across an interesting tweet by Twitter user @AlexAndBooks_. It was a list of three books he recommends to build a great life. They looked interesting, so I bookmarked the tweet. Well, I’ve since gotten around to reading all three books. I think they’re great and I’ve learned a valuable lesson about positive and negative input…

A calendar showing the date of January. Don't wait until January 1st.

Don’t wait until January 1st

Can you believe that we’re already in the middle of May? The halfway point of 2021 is just around the corner. I think now is a good a time to stop for a second and to take stock of how your year has been going. Are you on track to achieve what you’ve set out to achieve? Life got in the way a little bit? You’re probably thinking you’ll get it next year, right? Wrong. Don’t wait until January 1st.


Hosting your website: Website builders vs self-hosting vs managed hosting

So you’ve got an idea for a website or blog. Do you know how you’re going to go about hosting your website? Whether you know how to code or not, I think it’s always good to consider all your options before launching a new web project. In today’s post, I’m going to discuss some of the options you have at your disposal and compare them to help you make an educated decision.


Music and work: Productivity boost or a distraction?

Every so often I see someone tweet the question: “Do you listen to music while you work?” These types of posts generally produce a lot of follower engagement because it seems everyone has an opinion on it. It’s a polarising topic, but who’s right? Is there an objective answer? In today’s post, I’m going to take a look at what science can tell us about the topic so far.

A tomato, or "pomodoro".

Managing your time with the Pomodoro technique

Despite my regular posts on productivity, I’m no natural when it comes to time management. I lack the self-discipline to focus relentlessly on a single task for an extended period of time and I get easily distracted. One day I decided that enough was enough. I needed a robust system to help me fight against interruptions and to manage my time better. That’s when I stumbled upon the Pomodoro Technique, and I’m happy to say it’s changed everything.


My 2020 Annual Plan In Review

I generally try to avoid the term “new year’s resolutions”. To me, new year’s resolutions are half-assed goals you set on the 1st of January and forget by the end of the week. Instead, every year I make an annual plan using Notion. How I organise this plan is an ever-evolving thing, I’m always changing and optimising it. In today’s post, I look back at how I organised things in 2020 and how I’ve improved my approach for 2021.

Logo design options

My approach to logo design

So you need to make a logo. Maybe it’s for yourself or maybe it’s for someone else. Either way, it can be a daunting task. In today’s post, I’m going to break down my typical logo design process. Hopefully, you can take something away from it to help you with your next logo design project.