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App development showdown: Native Vs Hybrid vs PWAs

So you’ve got a great idea for an app? That’s awesome! Now you have to decide how you’re going to approach building it. Unfortunately, this decision isn’t easy as there are many options available to you. Let’s break down three common approaches, (PWAs, native apps & hybrid apps) and compare them head-to-head!

A daily planner with the words "Make it happen!" written on the page

A Goal is Not a Plan

You’ve probably seen it before: Someone tells you they’re “planning” to achieve some new goal. However, when pressed about it, they have no idea how they’re actually going to achieve it. Maybe you’ve been this person in the past. The problem is often people don’t think too much about the implementation. They feel content knowing they have a goal in mind. Unfortunately, famous French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said it best: “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

A phone showing many notifications

Escaping Notification Overload

Today, I’d like you to pay attention to the notifications you get while you read this post. If you don’t get any, consider yourself lucky. In the time it’s taken me to write these sentences, my phone has already vibrated twice. You might not think much of it, but the interruptions add up and can have a negative impact on your life. Oh, and there’s a name for it too: Notification Overload.

A depiction of remote work featuring a woman working on a bed

Remote work vs. return to office in a post-pandemic world

During the past fifty years, the internet has dramatically changed the way we live our lives. More people now have reliable connections to the internet and the internet is more accessible than ever before. Considering this, remote work hasn’t just become a viable alternative. For a lot of workers, remote work has become their preference.


Fail small, not big

I recently posted a tweet about not expecting perfection when you’re starting out with a new habit. I think a lot of people run into this problem early on in the year while their new year’s resolutions are still clear in their minds. What you need to know is this: You are going to fail. Instead of trying to live perfectly, perfect the art of picking yourself back up when you stumble.

Jenga blocks stacking

New year’s habit tip: Habit stacking

Happy new year! I wish you a prosperous and productive 2022. With it being a new year, a lot of us have undoubtedly started looking at which new habits we want to build this year. I’d like to help you make those habits stick by introducing you to a method that has helped me a lot: habit stacking!

Paint brushes

CSS Crash Course: The Essentials

As a front-end developer, writing CSS is my bread and butter and I love doing it. However, that doesn’t ring true for everyone. Some developers, especially back-end developers, scoff at the idea of it. To others, it might be a bit of a boogeyman under the bed. Let’s dive into what I consider to be the essentials. CSS is a powerful tool to have in your repertoire.

Amazing Marvin

Amazing Marvin: The best task manager?

I’ve used a fairly wide array of productivity apps over the years. This includes AnyDo, Todoist, TickTick, Notion and several more. However, I’ve had the same gripe with all of these apps: None of them do it all. Okay, maybe that’s unfair. Notion does, but in my opinion, none of its features can hold a candle to apps that specialise in them. Recently, I’ve discovered Marvin. It’s another productivity app that claims to do exactly what I want. But is it really as good as it claims to be?


IDE vs Code Editor: What’s the difference?

If you’re new to development, you might have heard about a code editor and an IDE. You’ve likely even used one or both of those already, but what’s the difference, really? Let’s dive in and have a look!


Stop shaving the yak!

The other day, I received a T-shirt from a local tech recruitment company. On the front, there is an illustration of a yak with some text that reads: “Don’t shave the yak”. You can download the design here as a wallpaper. I’d never heard of the term before, so it confused me quite a bit! Luckily, the company included a little card that explained what it meant, and, as it turns out, it’s really relevant to me!