A few weeks ago I made this post about my experience with remote working so far. Near the end I mentioned that I had learnt about a coworking space nearby and that I would try it out. I am pleased to say I did just that.

Great things happen when people work together

Presenting: Grounded Work. Situated in the heart of a populous suburban area, Grounded Work is, at least as far as I can tell, Pretoria’s first-of-its-kind coworking space. The main focus at Grounded Work is collaboration, sharing, creating and exploring and it was immediately apparent to me that the individuals who gather there share a passion for creating great things.

I really like the interior decoration. Lights hang from the roof with exposed wires dangling like vines overhead. Similarly, sockets are suspended above the center table for ease of access and to add to the overall aesthetic.

The furniture, whilst not the most comfortable I have ever sat on, really add to the atmosphere of the space.

There is a printer, scanner and photocopier available to customers and the coffee shop next door ensures for a full menu with several options to eat and drink.

A boardroom is also available for a reasonable hourly fee if you have a lot to discuss and you don’t want to disturb others who are using the space.

Overall I’m very satisfied with Grounded Work. It’s a cozy coworking space away from home where I can go work and network with like-minded people whilst enjoying a freshly brewed coffee.

Perfect for someone like me who is working remotely, but doesn’t want to be cooped up at home all the time.

I think I might just become a regular…