Can you believe that we’re already in the middle of May? The halfway point of 2021 is just around the corner. I think now is a good a time to stop for a second and to take stock of how your year has been going. Are you on track to achieve what you’ve set out to achieve? Life got in the way a little bit? You’re probably thinking you’ll get it next year, right? Wrong. Don’t wait until January 1st.

I know it can be alluring to wait until a “first” before you tackle a new challenge. First day of the week, month or year. It feels like a clean slate. New year, new me, right? But is it really? Has it ever really been a new you at the start of a year, or does new you turn into old you as quickly as it did the year before?

The thing is, the clean slate is a lie. As much as we don’t want to admit it, we’re just looking for excuses to not have to start today.

There have been numerous studies done on the subject of new year’s resolutions and why they don’t last. I’m not going to expand on them here, what I’m going to do instead is try to convince you to start with your goals right here and right now.

Reasons to start right now

Waiting is procrastination

Like I mentioned before, waiting until the 1st of January is actually an excuse to not have to start today. If this goal isn’t important enough to you now, what will make it so important then? With most goals, getting started is the hardest part. Once you get going you’ll be more motivated to continue. So if you can’t think of any good reason to start on the 1st, start today, don’t wait. You’ll be thankful for it.

Get a head start

Most common goals people set for themselves require a lot of work and dedication. When you want to be consistent, there is a lot of power in utilising habits. The only problem is habits take a fair amount of time to adopt. When we’re trying to adopt a new habit, there’s generally a pretty shaky start. If you start today, it might take a bit of time to get it right, but by the next 1st of January, your habits could be cemented. At that point it doesn’t even have to be a goal anymore, it’ll be a lifestyle. Getting a head start could be crucial to your success.

Don’t wait until January, the holidays can kill your motivation

We all know that holiday feeling when you want to just take it easy. You put off the important stuff for a little while and just relax. If you’re in full holiday mode one day and want to start working towards all your goals the next, you’re gonna have a bad time. But, when you get to the holidays and you’ve already got a good rhythm going, you won’t want to break the streak. Sure, you can take it a bit easier if you want to, but don’t stop!

You only have this moment

Most people don’t want to think about it, but you’re not guaranteed the next 1st of January. All you have is now. So if there’s something you want to achieve. Start right away, don’t wait. There’s no time to lose.

In conclusion: Don’t wait

During the past couple of years, I’ve achieved a fair amount by starting goals early and not waiting for specific dates. I hope that by reading this you’ll give it a shot and see how you can benefit. Now get up and go do what you’ve been putting off doing.